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The UK Market

The UK mortgage market is one of the most innovative and competitive in the world. Most borrowing is funded by either mutual organisations (building societies and credit unions) or proprietary lenders (typically banks). For a number of years the market operated with minimal state intervention, although this changed at least temporarily following the 2008 nationalisation of Northern Rock (one of the country’s largest mortgage banks).

Since 1982, when the market was substantially deregulated, there has been substantial innovation and diversification of strategies employed by lenders to attract borrowers. This has led to a wide range of mortgage types:

Accounting and finances

Our accounting& financial advisors are dedicated and prompt enough to act on your raised issues on time.

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We secure mortgages for all types of clients from first time buyers and home owners to buy to let, let to buy landlords and property developers.

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Legal & Professional Services

The financial & legal advisors here at Beylic & Co Ltd are capable enough to assist you in a wide variety of legal and marketing services.

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Residential & Commercial Sales & Lettings

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